The Eco project has been created as an alternative supplier of eco friendly and sustainable products.

It started as a need within our own family lifestyle and business to be environment friendly by utilizing products that do not cause an impact on the nature and our beaches. After intensive research, we have hand picked a few products that suited our needs as a business and personally tested by us over the past year.


Mauro and Katrina are active owner operators within the tourism field. They live and breath a healthy outlook while running theur Eco tourism business with zerowaste alteratives. They want to now share this with others to find a new path in a sustainable way that's life changing.

There silver Qualmark business with SurfSup suports the Taiaki Promise and educates our New Zealand Tourists on a daily basis.

We strongly embrace the idea of business with a purpose and are working to cooperate with others towards a more sustainable economy.

Inspiring and passionate people whom locally wants the best on offer for there community.