Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all guests accommodated and taking surf lessons or renting boards.

Check in Full payment of the accommodation or service is required upon arrival. Must present a valid, photo ID at check which will be recorded in our system along with an e-mail, address and phone number.  

Hours: Check in: 2:00pm / Check out: 10:00pam  

Reception hours 9:00am to1:00pm & 2:00pm to 5:00pm. For late arrivals, please call or email before arrival to organise afterhours check in.  

Bookings: Prices are quoted as on our website.  Holidays and special events should be consulted including the date and name of the event refered. Surf n Stay is not responsible for emails not cleared properly reserving the rights to changing the price quotation of the event in question. 20% deposit payment is required for booking confirmation when booking directly. Special dates including NZ holidays, special conditions will be applied for booking confirmation. Pre-booking is valid for 48 hours and after that period, if not deposited the amount, the reservation is automatically cancelled without notice. We are not responsible for the information sent via e-mail or phone in case of payments by credit card.    

Changing your Booking or Package: Surf n Stay will make every effort to arrange any changes requested before guest arrival. Any changes prior arrivals are subjected to availability of date and surf instructor availability.  If external conditions (bad weather, bad waves, major injuries or others) that do not allow the package to be completed, Surf n Stay will refund the amount of money related to the activities not completed. Any changes on your package for personal reasons may cause the cancellation of any discounts previously applied to the offered package.  

Cancellations: Should you or any named person on the booking form need to cancel bookings or lessons once it has been confirmed and paid with a deposit, then we must be notified as soon as possible. Deposit refunds are available, from the moment Surf N Stay is given notice by e-mail, as below. 48 hours notice is required for a refund of your booking deposit. Full payment will be taken within 48 hours or case of a no show. Non-attendance on the day of check-in does not give entitlement to refund or reduction of price. In case of cancellation of package holidays / special events, no refunds or transfer of credits for later use by third parties are allowed. We will not refund the amount of fees, commission, or any extra charges made by booking agencies, in any circumstances. Payments by credit card are not refundable in cash. For cancellations of payments, the amount to be refund will be returned the same way it was paid. In case of Credit Card refunds, it can take over a week to be confirmed. Surf n Stay will issue a FULL credit for re-bookings within a 1 year, in order to use a credit already paid. This credit will vary according to availability. For special season, Surf N Stay doesn’t issue credit. Surf n Stay will allow the transfer of the booking to another person, as long as it made by written notice.  Cancellations and delays for disease or accident reasons will be refunded/changed, pending proof with certificate. We accept VISA and MASTER CARD. There is a 4% surcharge on payments by CREDIT CARD.

Problems and solutions: The Surf N Stay reserves the right to have a period of one day (24 hours) to cope with any problems involving the hostel concerning door locks, showers, drains, TV, refrigerators, ovens and stoves, shelves, beds, bedding, sofa, or any other installations. That also includes equipment and vehicles from the surf school and kayak hires. If the repair cannot be done, the customer will receive a discount on the stay. Also we are not responsible for external problems such as lack of electric power or internet.  

Emergency & Insurance: Your travel insurance may provide a full refund for your booking, and we recommend that all clients have a suitable insurance policy prior to booking. We recommend you to have health insurance to cover yourself in case of injuries and health emergencies. Surf n Stay will not be liable or responsible for any health related problems during your stay at our accommodation or during the participation of any activities offered. Customers participating in any activities (surf lessons, equipment hire or paddle tours, must have insurance in order to participate in our activities. The information related to the insurance company, should be available in case of emergency.  

Premises: Surf n Stay is not responsible for any accidents within its premises. Customers must be aware of reversing vehicles, moving trailers, surfboards and kayaks being moved with the premises and on the drive ways. The premises present two drive ways with consistent moving cars. Customers must be aware of it and stick to the entrance ways.  

Kids: Children under 6 years old are only allowed in the private unit. Parents must keep children under their supervision at all times to avoid accidents. Children are not allowed on any of the drive ways without consistent parents supervision.  

Payments & Discounts: The balance is due at the time of your arrival date. If the full payment is not done upon arrival, discounts might be voided. Bookings will only be confirmed once deposit is received. Kids under 6 years old stay free.  Payments done by card during check-in and check-out are subject to availability/functionality of the card machine. If machine is not in working conditions customers must find other payment methods as cash, PayPal or bank deposit, followed by print voucher.  All promotions and discounts are not valid for holidays and special events in New Zealand.    

Personal Belongings: Surf n Stay is not responsible for any belongings lost or stolen within the propriety or vehicles. Any personal belongings left on the beach are, at all times, the customer`s responsibility and Surf n Stay is not to be taken responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced items.  Surf n Stay does not take or keep any customer belongings in any circumstances. Customers are recommended to bring a padlock for backpacks/suitcases, so all personal belongings can be locked.  

Responsibilities: Make sure all premises are handled with care, including pans and pots, equipment hired, heaters and so on. Make sure you are aware of emergency exits, fire extinguishers and fire blankets in case they are needed. Be aware of the any Fire Action notices with the premises. If cooking, make sure elements are turned off after use. If given a key, customer must be responsible for it, keeping in at a safe place, and returning it at check out. If keys is not returned or is damaged, customers should replace the item. Make sure the kitchen is clean after your use, including the stove. Before entering the house rinse sand off and take your shoes off in case of mud.  

Equipment rental: if you are renting a surfboard during your stay you need to make sure the board is in good condition before entering the water. That means no dings or problems with the board before rent it. If the board seems to have previous damages, we need to be notified. After renting the surfboard an staff will examine the board to see if there are any damages made during the rental. If damages were made to the board, you will be responsible to pay the full cost of repair. If you choose to rent a wetsuit it will be your full responsibility to return it as it was given to you. If stolen or lost, you will be responsible to replace it. If torn or damaged, you will be responsible to fix it.  

Surf Conditions In the rare event that Surf n Stay considers sea conditions to be unsuitable for surf instruction we have 3 options.1. Your lesson will be re-arranged for an alternative date / time. 2.   A different activity will be proposed 3. A credit voucher will be issued and must be used within a 1 year, from the date of cancellation.  If neither of the 3 above options is possible, we will refund your payment.  

Students taking Lessons: If you are careless with our equipment you will be held responsible to replace or be charged for those damages. The surf school will be responsible for fixing minor dings and damages to the surfboards that happened during the surf lessons. If surfboard is broken in half the student will be charge the market value of the board. You must at all times follow the surfers rule when you’re in the water and respect other students and locals around you. You must follow the instructor’s rules and respect there judgment of the water conditions. If you have an accident or injuries we are not to be held responsible in any way. We are not liable for any damages you do to yourself or others. You must be aware of the dangers surfing can bring. If you injure another person during your surf lesson you will be held responsible to deal with their personal medical needs. If you damage a surfer’s board that is not part of our surf school you will be held responsible for paying the repair cost of that board. Our Instructors are trained and promise to supervise you in and out of the water to provide you with a safe surf lesson. We will help you progress and teach you about the many aspects of surfing. Any personal belongings left in our vehicle or at the beach during the surf lesson period are your personal responsibility. Rash guards will be available for your personal use during the time of lesson or rental. It will be your responsibility to replace if forgotten or stolen during the time it was used.  

Transfers Our transfers are an outsourced service, where the Surf N Stay just be responsible for contact with the driver. For problems with delays and incorrectly information sent to Surf N Stay, Surf N Stay is not liable for the drivers and not by customers.  The customer is responsible for guaranteeing the cost of the transfer (driver) if it has flight delays and cancellations without notice of at at least 24 hours before carrying out the requested service.  

Privacy policy: Surf n Stay collects and handles your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, so that we can provide and administer our products and services including travel products, processing bookings, payments, check-ins and cancellations and provide you information about these. Without your information, we may not be able to provide you products and services and you may miss out on receiving valuable information from us. If you are located outside of New Zealand, please be aware that any information you provide to us, will be transferred from your country of origin to New Zealand and you consent to this transfer. We may disclose your personal information to third party operators of ‘travel deals’ you have booked, to sponsors and partners when you enter a competition or promotion. These third parties may have servers located overseas such as in the USA and UK and you consent to these disclosures. If you are providing information on behalf of someone else, you confirm that you have authority to do so, and you have given them the information set out in our Privacy Policy and they have not objected to our handling, use and disclosure of their personal information. You have a right to access your personal information that we hold and may ask us to update, correct or delete this. Our Privacy Policy contains more details on your rights and contact details for questions or complaints at [email protected]



I agree and understand the Surf n Stay terms and conditions . By accepting the reservation, agree with all conditions state above, and acknowledge that I will be responsible for all my actions and injuries. If I don’t have health insurance I am fully responsible of any personal injuries, third parties or to the company staff, including during the course of any activities taken and accepted.  Surf n Stay reserves the right to make changes on any terms and conditions described above without prior notice.